9/16/17 - Okay, baseline layout changes done. Will be expanding the PROJECTS
section with stuff of the last couple years. That'll be the next thing to update.

  8/24/17 - Was interviewed for a Pennlive article, which has also apparently made it into
the print edition of Harrisburg's Patriot-News. So yeah, that happened. Anyone checking here for
more info: please to follow the links @ the bottom o' the page. I post current projects on Instagram
a bunch, new videos are up on the Youtube channel every couple weeks or so, and I occassionally post
stuff on twitter and/or the SleepyOni facebook page. I am not currently accepting commissions (but if
your project is awesome and you think *I* would also think it's awesome, send me an email. I can certainly
be persuaded for the right project).


  Website revamp incoming! Will be switching up the format slightly, and putting build projects
in a straight list as opposed to all the oddball categories. Thanks for your interest!

10/12/16 -The year continues to be insane. I've continued with the Youtube videos,
while working on other projects and dealing with a pinched nerve that is slowing
me down considerably. Just added castings of Charon's Obol to the store,
production vids of which are also on the youtubes. Some new bits in the Illo galleries, too.
Re-organized and updated the Video page.


6/10/2016 -Added project pages for my handmade books, video, and the forthcoming
Jangles The Moon Monkey build from Fallout 4.


6/9/2016 -Busy year. More added to digital, Full Moon, traditional, and practice
pages in Illustration. Added details of a bunch of actual professional work as well.
More project stuff to be added soon.

-Added a link in the top bar to my Etsy shop

-Updated social media links at the bottom of the page. I am, in fact, on Instagram, Twitter,
and recently started putting process/build videos on youtube.


4/10/2015 -Bunch of stuff added to the galleries and to project pages. Complete MWMag Digest PDF
now available for download! Added pages for PKD Pistol and R2R9.
Added some Nightbreed illo's to illustration, as well as a gallery for a new ongoing project, Full Moon.
I love me some werewolves.


8/2/2014 - Website revamped! Added a whole bunch more illustration pieces, as well as a
'Project' page for non-illo things. Will be adding to that as time allows. In addition to
Pulpfest, I'll be at GenCon 2014 for at least a couple days. Timeline is iffy at this point.


7/28/14 - Just finished two freelance pieces, website revamp incoming. Will be attending
Pulpfest 2014 in a couple weeks, frantically trying to get all my
MWMagazine responsibilities covered before then.


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